Making up the 19-strong Macbeth/A Midsummer Night’s Dream company at Blenheim Palace are Nana Amoo-Gottfried (Ross & Lysander), Alex Avery (Macbeth & Snug), Ellie Burrow (Lady Macduff/Young Siward & Fairy Queen/Peaseblossom), Charlie Cameron (Witch 3/Murderer 2/Scottish Doctor & Puck), Christopher Chilton (Witch 1/Murderer 1/Messenger & Snout/Fairy), Suzy Cooper (Lady Macbeth & Peter Quince), Claire Cordier (Hecate/Gentlewoman/Messenger/Seyton & Hippolyta/Oberon), Maria Gray (Donalbain/Witch 2/Murderer 3 & First Fairy/Cobweb), Paul Hawkyard (Macduff & Bottom), Adam Kane (Malcolm & Fairy), Tom Kanji (Old Man/Siward/Apparition 3 & Theseus/Titania), Mark Peachey (Banquo & Demetrius), Shane Quigley Murphy (Lennox & Starveling/Fairy/Moth), Adam Slynn (Captain/Apparition 2/Servant & Philostrate/Mustardseed/Fairy King), Paul Stonehouse (Duncan/Porter/English Doctor & Egeus/Fairy), Toby Vaughan (Caithness & Flute/Fairy), Elexi Walker (Angus/Lord/Messenger & Helena), Jenny Wall (Apparition 3 & Fairy), and Francesca Zoutewelle (Apparition 1/Menteith & Hermia).

Making up the 19-strong Romeo & Juliet/Richard III company at Blenheim Palace are Bonnie Baddoo (Prologue/Balthasar & Lady Anne/Messenger 2/Soldier/Oxford), James Bradwell (Friar Laurence & Archbishop of York/Bishop of Ely/Priest/Oxford), Matthew Brown (Peter/Page & Soldier/Sheriff/Blunt), Daniel Burke (Paris/Officer & Brackenbury/Ratcliffe), Jonathan Christie (Mercutio/Officer & Dorset/Soldier), Grace Cookey-Gam (Princess Escalus & Duchess of York/Herbert/Soldier), James Coutsvalis (Servant/Citizen & Gentleman/Guard/Messenger/Soldier), Ella Dunlop (Juliet & Rivers/Messenger 3/Page/Soldier), Mathilda Holland (Citizen & Murderer 1/Soldier/Priest), Emilio Iannucci (Romeo & Grey/Brandon/Soldier/Citizen 3), John Macaulay (Capulet & Clarence), William Mannering (Abraham/Friar John/Constable & Richard III), Damien Matthews (Sampson & Buckingham), Doireann May White (Benvolia & Hastings/Messenger/Soldier), Anna Northam (Lady Montague/Apothecary & Catesby/Soldier), Amanda Ryan (Lady Capulet & Queen Elizabeth/Soldier), Jay Saighal (Tylbalt/Officer & Richmond/Tyrell/Murderer 2/Corpse), Nicola Sanderson (Nurse & Derby/Soldier/Citizen 1), and Simon Startin (Montague & Edward IV/Lord Mayor).