LondonTheatre1 - Macbeth

“Fast-moving realistic battle scenes, bloody beheadings and plenty of bloodsheds”.
“Suzy Cooper’s role as Lady Macbeth is one of the best adaptations I have seen”.
“Paul Hawkyard’s portrayal of Macduff leaves you speechless at times”.
“one of the best versions of Macbeth I have seen”.
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Daily Info - Macbeth
“the perfect potion for an unforgettable evening”.
“immersive and intimate”
“This arresting spectacle does not shy away from gore, providing a fluid-like quality to the excellently-choreographed fight scenes”
“This cauldron of familiar yet new environment and writing, fused with novel costume, choreography, acting prowess a little bit of blood creates the perfect potion for an unforgettable evening… especially if you stand in the stalls!!”
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Ox in a Box - Macbeth

“a spectacle not to be missed”
“This is an opportunity to see Shakespeare as it was intended, in a truly unique environment, right on our very doorstep”
“bloody, brutal and macabre as expected”.
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Romeo & Juliet

Daily Telegraph - Romeo & Juliet

“Well-cast and capably directed by Juliet Forster, Romeo and Juliet…turns out to be amply satisfying.”
“A youthful play, full of lusty comedy and rough and tumble”
“A winning zestiness”
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The Times - Romeo & Juliet

“An attractive production”
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Oxford Prospect - Romeo & Juliet
“a wonderful theatrical experience in an unrivalled setting”
“This production is full of energy, action, comedy, and high spirits”
“a production that is well worth seeing, and will be remembered for a long time”
“an insightful interpretation”.
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A Midsummer Night's Dream

LondonTheatre1 - A Midsummer Night's Dream

“Every essence of magical and mysterious wonderment of this Shakespearean comedy can be found in this latest adaptation.”
“a visual treat”
“one of the best performances of Lysander I have seen in a production of this play”.
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OX Magazine - A Midsummer Night's Dream
“The freezing wrath of tempestuous Greek gods wouldn’t have quenched its feel-good factor.”
“We’ve all heard it said that Shakespeare can be dry and stuffy. In the magical setting of Blenheim Palace Gardens, this was the absolute opposite.”
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Richard III

LondonTheatre1 - Richard III

“A powerful performance”
“bold and energetic”.
“special and exciting”.
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Daily Info - Richard III
“William Mannering’s Richard, villainously velvet-caped and kyphotic, limps through the corridors of power, using a heady mix of brash charm, dissemblance, capricious childishness, and unrestrained brutality to reach its highest echelons.”
“The stage was large, open, and woody, which made for great scenes when it was full of characters”
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